rn to bsn admissions requirements
  • RN to BSN Admissions Requirements

     Hybrid Distance Education 

    Preparing RN to BSN students for a lifetime in nursing

    At St. John’s College, we prepare our RN-BSN students to increase their clinical reasoning skills, understand and use the best evidence in practice, and provide each student with a solid foundation for graduate education. Faculty teaching in our RN-BSN program are full-time faculty and hold academic rank. Continuing the legacy of our founders, the Hospital Sisters of St. Francis, we prepare our students for a lifetime of learning and values-based nursing leadership.

    How do I know if I qualify as a “RN-BSN student”?
    St. John’s College RN-BSN program is designed to facilitate learning for the busy professional nurse who possesses an unencumbered RN license, and has graduated from an accredited diploma or Associate in Nursing program. The student must also complete the admissions process as indicated on the website and College catalog. Student will have the option of completing the program on a full time or part-time plan of study. Their faculty advisor will guide them through their educational experience during formal required meetings and informal communication, while at St. John’s College. 
     How is this program different?
     This is a hybrid program. That means there is both an on-line component and a minimal face to face component to facilitate the busy professional seeking to earn their BSN. These courses are offered in eight week sections in order to facilitate success with the on-line student. We welcome you in this exciting new career goal.
     Applicants who meet the admission criteria and core performance standards are accepted into the program without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, ancestry, age, marital status, handicap or veteran status on a space available basis throughout the year. Applicants are expected to exemplify good character enabling them to actively seek the moral, intellectual and professional growth described in the mission statement of the College. Students are encouraged to recognize that submission of minimum acceptance requirements does not guarantee acceptance into the program. While applications are accepted throughout the year, on a rolling basis, applicants are encouraged to apply early due to the competitiveness of acceptance.
     Pre-Nursing Course Requirements / Semester Hours
    • English Composition / 6 hours
    • Intro to Philosophy or Logic / 3
    • Anatomy and Physiology I&II with Lab / 8
    • Chemistry with Lab / 4
    • Nutrition / 3
    • Microbiology with Lab / 4
    • General Psychology / 3
    • Introduction to Sociology / 3
    • Lifespan Growth and Development / 3
    • Political Science (Government) / 3
    • Introduction to Statistics* / 3
    • Communications/Humanities Electives / 6
    • General Electives / 7
    • Total 56 hours 
     Admissions Requirements RN to BSN Program
    1. Completion of 56 semester hours of pre-nursing curriculum (*the 3 hour statistics requirement may be taken concurrently with the RN-BSN curriculum but must be taken prior to taking NSG 319: Introduction to Nursing Research.) with a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 2.5 on a 4.0 scale.   
    A. Submission of official transcripts at the end of each term from all regionally accredited College(s) attended showing:
    B. A minimum grade of C in all required science courses completed prior to enrollment in St. John’s College.
    C. No designated lower division course may be repeated more than once. Official transcripts must come from the granting institution directly to St. John’s College. Hand carried transcripts are not acceptable.
    2. Graduation from an accredited diploma or associate degree nursing program.
    3. Good academic standing at the last institution attended.
    4. RN with an unencumbered license.
    5. Graduated as an RN within the last 5 years or, if graduated more than 5 years ago must have practiced as an RN within the last 2 years
    6. Completed application accompanied by a $60.00 nonrefundable application fee.  A late fee, $50.00, will apply to applicants applying after enrollment deadline.
    7. Submission of a legal document showing proof of name at time of application (certified birth certificate, marriage license, divorce decree, etc.)
    8. Proof of graduation from a high school approved by the State Board of Education via an official transcript or possession of a high school equivalency certificate verified by an official GED score report.  
    9. All applicants with English as a Second Language are required to take the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) and achieve a score of 550 on the paper based version or 213 on the computer based version.  Applicants are also required to take the Test of Spoken English (TSE) and achieve a minimum score of 50.
    Upon notice of formal admission and to receive permission to enroll in classes, the student must: 
    1. Provide Two professional references.
    2. Completion of a pre-entrance health examination.
    3. Criminal background check with no disqualifying conditions.
    4. Personal interview as requested by the College.
     Upon formal acceptance to the College and satisfactory completion of 15 hours of RN-BSN curriculum, the registered nurse will be granted credit for the following:
  • Escrow Credit  
  •           Medical-Surgical Nursing - 19 hours
  •           Childbearing/Childrearing - 5 hours
  •           Psychiatric Nursing - 5 hours
  •           Pathophysiology/Pharmacology - 1 hour
  •           Health Assessment - 1 hour
  •           Professional Practice - 2 hours
  •        Total 33 hours 


    • The last 30 credit hours of the RN-BSN degree must be taken at St. John’s College.
    • A 3 hour upper division non-nursing elective is also required prior to graduation. The upper division elective may be taken prior to or concurrent with the RN-BSN curriculum.
    •  Courses are fluid and may be taken in alternative sequence with the exceptions of the Introduction to Evidence-Based Practice course which must be taken concurrent with or after completion of the Introduction to Nursing Research course, and the Leadership in Contemporary Nursing Practice Capstone course which must be taken at the end of the curriculum.
    •  Part time students must take a minimum of 6 hours per semester and must complete the program within 4 years.
     Enrollment as an RN Student-At Large
     (Prerequisites pending completion).
     RNs may enroll as a Student-At Large without having completed all prerequisites. The RN student may take up a maximum of 10 hours before officially enrolling in the program. Once the Student-At-Large completes the maximum number of hours allowed, no additional coursework may be completed without formal admission to the RN-BSN program option. Once registered for the course, Students-at Large are subject to all College Policies including formal required meetings and informal communication with their Academic Advisor.
     To Apply for Admission to the RN to BSN Hybrid Distance Education Program click here for interactive PDF.