Accelerated admission requirements
  •  Accelerated Pre-Licensure BSN Students
    Admissions  Requirement for enrollment in the Fall 2014
    How do I know if I qualify as an “Accelerated Student”? 
    St. John’s Colleges’ Accelerated program is designed to facilitate learning for the student who has already earned a baccalaureate degree in another field of study. The student applying must also complete the admissions process as if they were applying to our General Pre-licensure BSN program. The student will begin with our General Pre-licensure BSN students and take an additional class each semester of the first year.  After successful completion of the first year of study, the accelerated cohort of students will begin a summer session of accelerated study and continue in the fall, completing their studies in December. 
    How is this different than the General Pre-licensure BSN program?    
    The General Pre-licensure BSN program does not require a prior baccalaureate degree. The general program requires fewer credit hours per semester for the first year.  The General Pre-licensure BSN program does not require a summer session, and offers classes in the fall and spring for the senior students, who complete their studies in May.  The accelerated program requires a compressed summer session and students graduate in December.  
    Applicants who meet the admission criteria and core performance standards are accepted into the program without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, ancestry, age, marital status, handicap or veteran status on a space available basis throughout the year. Applicants are expected to exemplify good character enabling them to actively seek the moral, intellectual and professional growth described in the mission statement of the College. Students are encouraged to recognize that submission of minimum acceptance requirements does not guarantee acceptance into the program. While applications are accepted throughout the year, on a rolling basis, applicants are encouraged to apply early due to the competitiveness of acceptance. 
    Criteria for Provisional Acceptance
    Applications for provisional acceptance are accepted from persons who have completed a Bachelor’s degree in an alternative major and are actively pursuing the required lower division credits.  Accelerated students must have earned a prior Baccalaureate degree.  Consideration for provisional acceptance is based on the following requirements:  
     Provisional Acceptance (September -- November 2013) 

    Priority* Admission -- September 15th, 2013 

    Standard Admission -- November 15th, 2013 

    1. Completed application accompanied by a $60.00 nonrefundable application fee.

    2. Submission of a legal document showing proof of name at time of application (certified birth certificate, marriage license, divorce decree, etc.)

    3. Submission of official transcripts from all regionally accredited college(s) attended showing:

    a. A minimum of thirty (30) semester hours of designated lower division transferablecollege credit with a cumulative GPA of *2.5/4.0 

    b. A minimum grade of C in all required science courses completed within the last five years prior to enrollment in St. John's College.  To begin St. John's College Accelerated Pre-Licensure BSN program with a solid foundation, it is recommended that students with a previous bachelor's degree have completed their science courses within the last five years of admission.

    c. No designated lower division course may be repeated more than once.  Official transcripts must come from the granting institution directly to St. John's College.  Hand carried transcripts are not acceptable. 

    d. Good academic standing at the last institution attended. 

    4. Proof of graduation from a high school approved by the State Board of Education via an official transcript or possession of a high school equivalency certificate verified by an official GED score report. Official transcripts should include ACT, SAT, if taken, and for Illinois residents, the Prairie State Achievement scores or score reports should be sent to the College.

    5. Applicants are required to complete the Test of Essential Academic Skills V (TEAS V®) 

    6. All applicants with English as a Second Language are required to take the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) and achieve a score of 560 on the paper based version or 220 on the computer based version or 83 on the internet-based (iBT) version. Applicants are also required to take the test through the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) and achieve a score of 6.5 (overall score) and 7.0 (spoken band).  Other international standardized tests that assess the proficiency of the student'scommand of the English language for success in nursing may be considered.  Please contact the college for further information.  

    Criteria for Final Acceptance 
     To receive final acceptance and permission to enroll in classes, the student must achieve and maintain all provisional acceptance requirements required by St. John’s College and:  

    1. Submit official transcripts showing proof of completion of the fifty-six (56) semester hours of designated lower division transfer credits from a regionally accredited university or college which meet the following requirements:

    a. Cumulative GPA of 2.50 on a 4.0 scale

    b. No designated lower division course may be repeated more than once.

    c. To begin St. John's College Accelerated Pre-Licensure BSN program with a solid foundation, it is recommended that students with a previous bachelor's degree have completed their science courses within the last five years of admission. 

    d. Good academic standing at the last institution attended.

    2. Two professional references.

    3. Completion of a pre-entrance health examination.

    4. Criminal background check with no disqualifying conditions.

    5. Negative Drug Screening

    6. CPR certification (within the last year)

    7. Proof of Medical Insurance

    8. Proof of Malpractice Insurance 

     All persons provisionally accepted must meet the criteria for final admission before being enrolled in the College. 


    Lower Division Pre-Nursing Requirements for Accelerated Pre-Licensure BSN Students 
    Prior to entering St. John’s College, students complete 56** semester hours of lower-division course work at another accredited College or university. Cooperative contracts exist for completion of the lower-division prerequisites and for transfer of credit to St. John’s College with three Colleges: Lincoln College, Lincoln Land Community College and Springfield College in Illinois. However, you may choose to attend one of the 43 institutions which have been evaluated for transfer credit. Information regarding transfer/accreditation is available. Contact the College for advisement.
    Course / Semester Hours
    English Composition / 6
    Intro to Philosophy or Logic / 3
    Anatomy & Physiology with Lab / 8
    Chemistry with Lab / 4
    Nutrition / 3
    Microbiology with Lab / 4
    General Psychology / 3
    Intro to Sociology / 3
    Lifespan Growth & Development / 3
    Political Science (Government) / 3
    Intro to Statistics / 3
    Communications/Humanities Electives* / 6
    General Electives* / 7
    Upper division Elective / 3
    Intersession Courses**
    Nsg202 Dimensions in Health Care / 2
    Nsg 204 The Human Experience / 2
    Total Semester Hours 60
     *An additional thirteen (13) semester hours of electives must be completed. Six (6) of these hours must be from the Communications/Humanities area of study. Seven (7) semester hours may be from any area of study.
     ** The remaining four (4) hours of lower division introductory courses come from St. John’s College.
    Accelerated students are enrolled with traditional students for the intersession, semester 1 and semester 2. Only accelerated students are enrolled as a separate cohort for the 12 week summer session and last 16 week fall session. 
     ATI is a requirement throughout many nursing courses for NCLEX success. Each individual course faculty will determine ATI requirements and expectations with in their course. Students who do not complete ATI requirement and course expectations will delay their registration process until they complete their ATI course expectations. 
     To Apply for Admission to the Accelerated BSN Pre-licensure program click here. (Interactive PDF)